Sunday, 24 June 2012


They arrived at our door wearing blue, flags tied around their necks, festive hats on their heads.  They arrive at our door bearing fine English ale, clothed in bright red jerseys.  They arrive ready to cheer, ready to stand by their teams no matter what the consequence. It was 11:30 am, and it was game on.

Today Italy played England in the Euro Cup quarter finals and my family came over to watch.    It's interesting, only because my husband and brother in law are fierce England fans. My father and brother are blood loyal Italian fans, and when it comes to soccer I can't deny it, my father's blood runs hot in my veins.

So when it came to Jakob it was never really clear who he would end up cheering for, but today he decided himself.  We were out at our local Italian deli picking up some goodies for the afternoon game, and as we were walking down the street a car painted in the Italian colours, packed with at least six grown men in blue jerseys hanging huge Italian flags out the window, drove down the busy street honking and cheering (the game hadn't even started yet). Jakob instantly appreciated the blatant display of cultural pride, calling after it "Italia Car! Italia Car again!" and I swear I could see the bright blue hue of his blood move beneath his skin.  I could see him in that car one day, and I'll admit it, it made me happy.

Being an Italian soccer fan won't always be easy for my boy....

but it was today.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Singing into summer

The other day we attended the local preschool's fundraiser fair.  The weather cooperated for this community event and the sun starved crowds drew out in packs.  Warm weather, sizzling hot dogs, craft and games, live entertainment, what more could you want?


One of the event planners who saw my husband's performance at the last fair we had in the community asked him if he would play a few songs at this fundraiser, so he was the opening act. The sunshine and festive ambiance brought out a few groupies, and before long the stage was filled with little boys, girls and babies who danced, clapped, and boogied along with each song.  I almost would say that the concert stole the whole show until these guys moseyed along and told me different...

It's hard to keep a little kids attention on the wheels of a bus when there is a giant turtle with a miniature dog on its back making the rounds of the fair.  But even the novelty of that soon wore off (they weren't allowed to touch him) and before long everyone was back on stage shaking their sillies out.

It was a great afternoon to give back to the community, help out a wonderful series of preschools that service our neighbourhood, and have some great ole family fun. 

No better way to kick off summer than with fresh barbecued hot dogs, music, games and a tiny dog piggy backing a giant tortoise.  Welcome Summer!

Sunday, 17 June 2012


Just a quick one to wish a happy day to all those father's out there that have raised us, loved us, and formed us. 

I was lucky to have a dad who put every possible effort into being there for us as we were growing up. He poured all of himself into his role as provider and role model and while I can't speak for him, I would say that three healthy, happy, well adjusted (most of the time) children later, he succeeded. And now we have the joy of watching him be to our children what he was to us.

And to my husband, who is the very best daddy my boy could have ever asked for. I look forward to the future those two have together.

A card we quickly cut and pasted together for dad.

There are of course many other dad's that have shaped and influenced our lives, and to you I say: Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Graduation Day

Yesterday was an oasis of sunshine in the bleak rainy days that have befallen us this June.  It was clear and brilliant, warm and bright. And we spent the morning of it watching one of our favorite people graduate from University.

I also graduated from this University, and let me say (completely biased in opinion) that when it comes to pomp and circumstance, Simon Fraser University delivers in a big way.

I got to stand behind these guys :)

The opening entrance procession of the graduation ceremony alone is worth the price of the degree.  I have never felt more confident and proud as I did when I walked down the steps to the convocation mall led by two world class bag pipers, square cut hat on my head, leather bound degree in my hand.  It's like the graduates descend upon the masses, an army of intellect.  You can't help but feel brilliant, and entitled.

You've earned it.

So every time I get to watch a ceremony up here, I get a little misty eyed.  Especially when I watch someone I love get the recognition they deserve for 5 years of hard work.

As for Jake.... let's just say I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up in the pipe band one day. He was a fan.

But mostly he was proud of his Uncle Jeff, who has spent many afternoons taking care of my little boy, and who my little boy adores completely.

I should also pause to acknowledge another favored Uncle who graduated this week with his second degree.  He is "an ocean away" so we couldn't be there, but we are just as proud, and he is just as accomplished.

Congratulations to all the June graduates everywhere - go get 'em.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Granola for life

We are nearly in mid-June and all I can say for the last two weeks is: Granola.

A few weeks this man visited my husband's office and gave a presentation about health, life and food. Mr. Boyd came home not only inspired to throw out everything in our fridge and replace it with hemp seeds and almond milk, but also carrying Adam Hart's book under his arm ( he won door prize).

That very night he whipped up his first batch of granola. There have been many batches since then in his quest to achieve the perfect mix of ingredients, taste and crunch.  Jake and I have been reaping the rewards of his hard labour - although to be honest it is deceivingly simple to make.

The varieties are endless. He started out with the basic recipe he found in the book, but since then has played around with hazelnuts, coconut flakes, sesame seeds, flax, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almonds, and always, always hemp seed. It's his thing.  I never help (I'm not allowed to), he has complete control over the process. He takes over the kitchen with his mixing bowls, spatula's, ingredients and creates granola magic.

Jake loves it as a snack, he sits with a bowl of bigger chunks (no milk) and crunches them down in no time. Our processed cereal has gone stale in their boxes, he has made 5 batches in 2 weeks.  I have eaten a fresh bowl of granola every morning this June - apart from the Sunday we had homemade hemp seed pancakes.

I love my husband.