Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Something new: Skating edition

I am taking a break from sleep deprivation to post a few photos of my boy's latest adventure: ice skating with dad!

While I don't think we have the next Jonathan Toews (or the next Patrick Chan for that matter) in the making we did have fun. Although, I am sure Dad's back would disagree. 

This was Matt's position for an entire hour. 

On another note, she is just realizing that she better discover a love of trains if she intends to continue living here. 

And yes, that is one of her hammy thighs on the bottom left of the photo. She gets them from her mama. You got a problem with that?

Thursday, 16 January 2014

New Year's catch up

Oh, hello 2014, when did you creep up on me?

It's been a while. What can I say, it's mid way through January and I feel like just now am I coming out of the hazey blur that was the winter holiday season. I feel the need to post a few highlights from our holiday because, despite the haze, it was in fact a blast and it should go on the record, even if it is nearly a month late.

2nd Annual cookie decorating party!

And it snowed!  It was gone by the lunch hour but it still fell. 

Finally, Christmas eve at my parents' place:

Followed by Christmas morning at my sister's.

He got a lot of train-related things. It made him happy.
Of course we ate too much, but with the Christmas eve roast my brother made, and the Christmas turkey my mother in law made - well, how could we say no to it all?

And whenever possible Amelia and I did this: 

Moving on to 2014. So far so good. Our Boyd family new year's resolutions are simple this year: Focus on and enjoy the little things, with the exception of possibly tackling one very big transcontinental vacation with our two littles. I still need to work up the nerve to totally agree to that one!

Meanwhile, they grow:

Our girl turned 2 months old on Christmas day.

This guy needed a hair cut badly on Christmas day. He got it a few days later. 
 And we get to enjoy it.