Thursday, 29 January 2015

Amelia's Box House

Matt built Amelia a play house out of a oversized box and gave it to her for Christmas. He duck taped a roof on it as well as a chimney, cut out a couple of windows and a push door. We thought she was going to wake up Christmas morning head straight for her box house and never come out.  But, for the last five weeks she's done nothing but hovered around it, push at it, bend over to peek through the door, laugh as her brother stuffed himself into it, put her dolls and favorite stuffed animals into it, but never ever dared go in herself. Then one day Jake and I were playing with Lego when we realized Amelia was missing. 

Where was Amelia?

Why in her box house of course.

Hello darling.  

Naturally Jake couldn't let her have all the fun alone. I'm not sure how they both fit in there, but they did, and oh how much fun they had!

Amelia's box house has been the centre of her play for days now. Yesterday she stood up while she was in it and started walking around the living room with the box house hanging over her. She looked like a "ghost house" and made her brother laugh so hard he nearly had an accident. I'm thinking this years halloween costume.

Thank you dad, Amelia loves her Christmas present.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Cooks in the kitchen

Going to my parents' place for dinner is always an amazing experience. Since I am the only one in the family without much culinary skill I typically get excused from any kitchen duty and just sit back and relax.... well, that wasn't entirely true this year when we went over for a couple of days after Christmas. I was in charge of decorating the table, so I guess I had a hand in the grand finale.  Mostly though, it is my brother and mama as head and sous chef in the kitchen, my sister in charge of most of the sides and often dessert, and my dad handling any and all slicing of meat.

Behold our family Christmas dinner 2014:

My brother and his roast. It was huge, and succulent and probably could have been on any high end restaurant menu in the city - easy.

I'm pretty sure they'll be eating left over roast for weeks but it's a small price to pay.

Ah, my favourite scene. Blurs of movement, colour, scents and sounds of families gathering in kitchens. You can't beat it.

And last but not least - the table. Please note the lovely table decor as designed and set by yours truly.

The holidays are quickly coming to an end. By Monday all this will be a lovely distant memory and work, school, routine, and regular sized meals will once again be the norm in our house. Last night we bid farewell to a wonderful 2014 and rung in the New Year with lots of noise, laughter, more food, drink and family. And while I welcome, even look forward to, the routine, healthy eating, discipline and the promise of normalcy that that all brings on Monday, I look back at these last two weeks knowing that it was some of the best holiday happenings that I have ever been part of. It was hectic, and indulgent, and fun, and loud and tiring and it made me realize that we Boyds are very and truly blessed. 

Happy New Year to you all - may 2015 be your year!