Sunday, 24 August 2014

Trains Forever

Remember that toy, or game or stuffed animal you had as a kid that you played with for years and years and years. When all other kids had moved on to different interests, or asked Santa for something new each year all you wanted was the same thing over and over and over. For me it was Barbies. I would search the piles of gifts at Christmas trying to pick out the one that was shaped in that tell tale rectangular shape and dive for it not caring in the least what the other boxes held. I probably played with them several years longer than any of my friends did, and still have my coveted collection of dolls in my parents' basement sealed up tight and waiting for the next Barbie lover to come along. 

Well, one little girl's Barbie is another little boy's train. Our boy has been playing with this set since he was just over one, and as the set has grown over the years so has his interest and his imagination. I love watching him pull out his over flowing bin of wooden tracks and create a new system and story to go with it nearly every day.

I usually build the village around it, that's my job. Sister sits in her excersaucer and watches, that's her's. Although I think she might be quitting her job soon, she's doesn't seem very content with it since she's started crawling... we'll see if Jake will hire her onto the railroad committee.

Somehow I doubt it.

Here's to childhood toy obsessions, and the many years of joy they bring. 

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Bowen Bliss

We've been indulging in some quintessential summer traditions around here lately including, but not limited too, visits to local beaches, backyard bbq's, baking under a cloudless sky in the afternoon sun at playgrounds, shirts sticking to skin and licking the drips off creamsicles on the front porch at the end of another hot and sticky amazing day.  But summer would not be complete for any Boyd I know without a few days spent on Bowen Island. We go every summer, and this one was no exception. 

Behold the beauty of Bowen bliss 2014:

Swimming in the sun warmed ocean waters. And when I say warm I mean it. Even I went in, heck even Nana went in! so you know it's gotta be pretty warm when mama and mama-in-law suit up and hit the water. Jake pretty much never came out unless it was to eat or sleep or roast marshmallows.

My view:

This was Amelia's first trip up to Bowen since her birth some nine months ago. I don't know, she seemed like she enjoyed it, but you can never be sure - she's so hard to read. 

Did I already mention the marshmallows? 

Matt's view - when his eyes were open.

Ice cream - lots and lots of ice cream.

The only thing better than ice cream on a hot day.

Oh, and then there was that night when we had a super moon.....

And this is where I wish we had one of those several thousand dollar cameras, but you'll get the idea:
Our view of the super moon rising. 

It's always sad packing up and leaving our Bowen summer holiday, the only reason I go with any willingness at all is because I know we get to do it again next year. And because we are leaving one paradise for another, but we're lucky enough to be able to call the other paradise our home. Island living. You just can't beat it. 

Happy summering!