Thursday, 9 May 2013

Haircuts, Preschool, and Mother's Day

Today was a very sweet day. One of those days where magically everything goes right and for a split second you believe you might actually have the world's most perfect child. Of course all illusions are shattered come bedtime when the "perfect child" in question is hyped up after a sun soaked day of fun, treats, and excitement and wants to do anything, everything, else but go to bed.

But today, from 7:30 am to approximately 7:00 pm all was joy and laughter and easiness. It started with a hair cut where my boy not only sat still for the entire session, but actually laughed, giggled and charmed the hair dresser with his little dimpled smiles. He charmed her right into a lollipop a half hour before lunch, which amazingly enough didn't affect his behavior or appetite, but at least I got a nice short, clean cut out of it for my boy. 

Sporting his new hair cut and a smear of blue paint on his upper lip.

Later on in the afternoon at school all the mothers were invited to join the class 45 minutes before the usual pick up time. Greeting us on our arrival was a preschool room decorated with painted butterflies, hand decorated vases (mason jars we all donated over the last month - who knew we'd get them back!) and little tables with little chairs all set up for an afternoon mother's tea. It was special and adorable, and it made me realize that bed time battles and all we each have the perfect child, and so blessed we are for each moment with them.

My mother's day preschool tea.

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all of my favorite mamas out there, who show me all the time how to wring the joy and satisfaction out of each day we have as moms, the tough days, the normal days and especially these sweet, rare and nearly perfect ones.  And happy mother's day to moms everywhere else, because you are all rock stars for doing what you do and you deserve as many "Happy Mother's Day's" as you can get.

Here's to feeling the love this Sunday and all the other days in between.