Tuesday, 30 September 2014

September in pictures

September, I love you. You know I love you. I've loved your scents, flavours and colours for eons. You signal to me that cooler, darker, cozier days are coming. And so I love you, we haven't forgotten you - we've been living you, and it's been fun and busy. it's been fun-sy.

September, this is what you've looked like for us Boyds:

We kicked you off by going to the fair:

I love the fair because it offers the same joys year after year. It's the stuff childhood is made of. Half the people go their because they are kids, and the rest of us go there because it makes us feel like one again.

Daisy the cow. She never gets old. Literally.

Pumpkin of the year.

Remember this?

And this? This year we had our vanilla.

Next on the list of Septembers goings on is Amelia learning how do to this:

And she's been doing it over and over and over, ever since. Crawl, crawl, crawl, reach up, grab, pull, stand, grope stuff and toss it on the floor. Sit down. Repeat.  

We played outside a lot. 

And then later in September someone we love madly deeply had quite a milestone birthday. 

Great Gramps turned 90. In case the ginormous button didn't make it obvious. And that's Jill beside him. One of his BFF's. 

And speaking of BFF's. Mine got married this September as well. So between the two major parties my heart was in celebration overload.


And as September slowed down, cooled down and darkened we started up our Fall chores. Among Jake's favourites - raking.

But the tell tale sign that September has arrived is when you look out the window and see these guys. And have they ever arrived. You could hear them clicking their antlers together from behind the closed windows.

Amelia was awestruck. She pulled her self right up and stared out the window while Jake explained where these guys come from (the north pole), and how they come this time every year to fatten up and eat all the grass before winter. The extra calories help them pull Santa's sleigh a little faster.

I think she bought it.

So yeah, that's what we Boyd's have been up to this September. That plus I have started working again. And Jake has started school again. And, and, and, we've been busy. But as you can see, we haven't forgotten September. We've been lovin' it.