Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Summer jump starts

True to all June's past for the last handful of years, the weather on the west coast thus far has been distinctly bipolar. One day hot and sunny, next day raining with predicted thunder showers. It's muggy, the kind of muggy where you don't know if you should be wearing long sleeves, short sleeves, or a bathing suit. But heck, it's summer. And we Boyd's rock summer.

That's right, sprinkler action.

And of course there has been digging.

Lots of digging.

And the result of that rain I mentioned are some pretty spectacular garden surprises.

It's true, I thought this was a gigantic weed before it bloomed into these beautiful poppies.  I almost pulled it out. I know, I need to work on my green thumb.

And what would any season in our neighbourhood be with out these guys lounging around. Behold the afternoon view outside Jake's bedroom window.

It was nap time, who can blame the guy.

And last but not least, our summer kicked off with a pretty rad celebration for the senior Boyd Boys.

July and August, you've got a lot to live up to. I'm just sayin'.

Happy start to summer everyone!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Father's day at the train show

Just a quick post father's day post!

We ended up at a train show, early in the morning, first in the line for train rides. Of course they ended up getting off each ride only to run back in line to catch the next incoming train (sometimes the one they just got off of).

My men, father and son, two train engineers from a past life.


Whizzing by

There were more than just train rides, like wagon rides:

And they had a few of these old timers out for viewing pleasure as well. 

And we mustn't forget the tractors, of course....

You'd have to ask him directly to be sure, but I would say father Boyd had a wonderful train filled day of celebration.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

New babies and the Victoria Day Parade

I just came back from the hospital where I got to meet my friend's two day old baby boy. Oh, how I love those brand newborn days. Their fresh and warm little bodies, their tightly fisted hands and curled toes, and of course the smell. It's not fiction my friends, there just ain't nothing like the newborn smell. But my favorite part? it's the head. I love me a soft, silky baby's head. I just can't help but nuzzle when I have that soft little head under my nose. Tonight I got my fix, I only wish I had brought my camera along.

Flynn Rodney, welcome.


Anyway, I know we are in June but there is one grand May day event I have been meaning to share and just kept putting off until suddenly the month was over and we are already half way through the next! But the Victoria Day Parade deserves mention even if it is three weeks belated.

Last year we made the trek over here to watch the parade, and that was a treat in itself. As one of the largest parades in Canada, this one is worth taking the busy long weekend ferry ride over for I can promise you, especially if you have littles. This year, however, we got lucky because we Boyd's got to be in the parade! That's right, as members of the Victoria Swiss Society we had the chance to ride the float, walk along side it to hand out candies and chocolates to eager parade goers, and soak up Victoria Day from a whole other angle. Jake was double lucky because he had his bff/hero/cousin Oliver sleep over for the long weekend and join in the parade festivities.

Luckily I do have a few photos of this event!

Jake and I spent most of the time on the float waving and sneaking chocolate.

That's Matt carrying the cow bell, with Ollie at his side.

Swiss Pride! It has it's perks you know.

(also, I hate to brag but our float won the parade's award for Best Walking Group. The icing on the alpine cake.)