Saturday, 29 March 2014

Water balloons, ice cream sundae bars, and birthday parties

March is birthday season in our family, so inevitably it always passes by in a blur of celebration, cake, gift giving, and excitement.  I don't love the blur part, but I do love the celebration, cake, gift giving, and excitement, especially when the stars of the March show include (but are not limited to) my two favorite guys.

We had Jake's birthday party last weekend. I sent out the invitations late, and started party planning even later. If you ever invite a handful of little boys over for a party and have no idea what you are going to do with them, well I have two words for you: Water. Balloons.

A large sized cooler full to be exact.

And a target that daddy staple gunned together thirty minutes before the door bell started ringing.

Those handful of boys - they had a blast.

Between the my son's and my husband's birthdays, we had an ice cream cake, a chocolate cake, cup cakes and worms in dirt. So for the party I decided I would let the kids make their own treats and I set up an ice cream sundae bar for them. I chose six delicious toppings and they did the rest. I should have taken pictures of their creations, but they disappeared too quickly. You should have seen them though. Little plastic bowls over flowing with vanilla ice cream, gummie bars, skor bits, marshmallows, chocolate sauce and more. Oh how I miss the days when my body (and thighs) could handle all that sugar!

Happy birthday boys. I hope you enjoyed your birthday month.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day and we celebrated with green pancakes and dressing up in green.

Amelia wore this cute outfit her Nana bought her.

Husband says it's ridiculous. I say it's cute.
Ridiculously cute maybe?

And today, well today my boy turned 4 years old.

Four I say - it's gone fast.

I told him this morning that I was going to miss my baby boy now that he was a big 4 year old. Tonight when I tucked him in he said to me "Mama, I'm going to give you a big hug because you're gonna miss me."
I took that hug and held on.

Happy birthday Jake.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

One of these things doesn't belong

I was looking out of our back window the other day, admiring some spring flowers that have started to poke their heads out in our garden, when I stumbled upon this scene:

At first I didn't see her, she was so camouflaged in amongst all the brown and green, and then I realized "she's sitting on my flowers".

I guess you know you're life is good when all you have to complain about is a wild deer sitting on your perennials.

Happy Spring forward friends!