Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Eternal Spring

I know this is going to sound ridiculous to some of you but I just have to say it: "Winter where are you? I miss you. Please come visit."

Yes, it's true. We've basically had no winter here. No snow, barely any frost, mild temperatures, rain, sun, wind, but no snow. It's like we moved from a brilliant Fall clear through to Spring as though this little season called Winter didn't even exist.

I held out hope right up until this last week, but then I threw in the towel. If Winter hasn't showed his face by the end of March he ain't gonna. Is it wrong to feel like I've been stood up by a hot date?

It's no secret that I love snow. I got married in the winter just on the off chance we might get snow (it did by the way, in beautiful abundance).

I understand that living on the "Wet Coast" pretty much ensures mild temperatures that leans heavy on the rainfall. Snow isn't really a huge part of our lives, when it does it typically lasts a couple of days before it gets washed away, but you can usually count on its brief appearance at least once a winter. But not this winter.

It's fine, really. I may have bought Jake a snow suit back in October in the anticipation of taking him out for winter wonderland walks through our snowy neighborhood, but I see now it's not all that bad. After all what is there to complain about? I have had flowers blooming in my back yard since January, we've been playing outside most days, digging up worms, tossing a frizbee. Spring is good. But for lack of anything else to complain about in my life at the moment I just had to say - "Winter, how I have missed thee."

Our backyard deer, enjoying an early spring.

 Hoping that all you other West Coasters are enjoying this eternal spring with me.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Birthday Boy

Today my boy turned 3 years old. I thought I would be nostalgic and sentimental, but the truth is today was fine, fun and 100% happy. It was last night as I was tucking him in that I had my sentimental meltdown. I went back three years to the night before Jake was born. I remembered my huge swollen belly weighing me down and the delicious anticipation of knowing new life was soon to come, that I was going to be a mama. My friend came over to watch The Commitments, and I sat on the couch barely paying attention, savoring the sweet kicks against my belly knowing they would soon end. I wrote one last journal entry to my baby and tried to come to terms with that strange feeling of desperately wanting to meet my new baby and never wanting my pregnancy to end. Sounds crazy, right? I was about 600 pounds, my back ached, and I had all kinds of other discomforts that come with being gigantically pregnant and yet, I loved being pregnant and I loved knowing my baby was safe and so close to me. I wanted it to last forever.

Then he was born and oh, that was infinitely better then being pregnant.

Then three years passed.

And it's better still.

Happy birthday Jake!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Titanic Cake

Today we had Jake's third birthday party.  I can't believe he's just days away from turning three, I have so many feelings that come with my boy turning three years old, but that's all for another post. An nostalgic slightly over-the-top sappy one that will come on Monday, his actual birthday.

But today it was party time, and because my boy is still gaga about the Titanic, we celebrated with this cake:

Now before I go bragging along I have to admit I had help. My cousin (who is technically my husband's cousin but I stole cousin rights the second I was married because yes, she is that awesome) came all the way over to our little Island for one afternoon to help me put this baby together. With help, and probably even without, this cake was pretty straightforward to make.

Step one: bake two loaves of cakes. I baked them the night before because it cuts easier when it's not fresh out of the oven.

Step two: cut pieces and shape the cake based on a handy photo from a well worn book. Dip mini ice cream cones in chocolate and let set.

Step three: Ice the bejesus out of that sucker.

With help.

Step four: decorate iceberg with marshmallows and place dipped cones strategically.

Step five: Enjoy the look on your baby's face when he sees and tastes his Titanic meets Iceberg cake.

Step six: Devour

4 smoke stacks, 4 boys = perfect.

 The cake was just the tip of the iceberg (funny right?) of our wild, wonderful party day. The day was laced with amazing. Good pals, plenty of snacks, a few pretty cool presents topped off with a walk in the forest to go keep tabs on the tree we planted last Fall.

We got him a battery powered magnetic wooden train by Brio. Worth every penny.

Despite all the awesomeness, I think his favorite part of this day was still the kick he got out of flinging off his boots sky high while his dad pushed him on the swing at the park.

But that's just my boy.